Spacing example

Spacing with Delayed Holes

Spacing with Delayed Holes Spacing In this video Anthony Konya explains how to calculate spacing with delayed holes. Incorrect spacing can make blast vibration increase up to 500%! This happens in ground vibration when to much spacing is included in the blast pattern, as the hole will feel constrained and not break the rock effectively. […]

Blasting Course Stiffness Ratio

Stiffness Ratio

Stiffness Ratio Stiffness Ratio In this short video, Anthony Konya will explain what stiffness ratio is and how to calculate stiffness ratios. Stiffness Ratio was first developed by Dr. Calvin Konya as a means to classify benches. As time went on Dr. Konya discovered a unique relationship, that benches were not only dependent on the […]



Subdrilling to optimal levels! Subdrilling Calculations Subdrilling Subdrilling is the process of drilling below the desired floor in blasting in order to form a smooth floor at correct level. If your subdrill is not low enough the floor may be uneven, or leave a large toe. If your subdrill is to large then you lose valuable time and […]

Proper Burden for Blasting


Burden Calculations Burden Calculations Welcome to Academy Blasting’s video on burden calculations for bench blasting applications! In this short 3 minute video by Anthony Konya, we will learn how to calculate burdens in both imperial and metric units. We introduce two equations which are shown below: Burden In Imperial Units Burden(feet) = [(2 x Explosive […]

30 Minutes to Better Blasting

30 Minutes to Better Blasting

30 Minutes to Better Blasting is a free online seminar that Dr. Calvin Konya of Academy Blasting is conducting on March 31st at 2 P.M. Eastern Time. With hundreds of people signing up in the first few hours, and a limited capacity we have decided to record the session and post it as a free course […]