Proper Burden for Blasting


Burden Calculations

Welcome to Academy Blasting’s video on burden calculations for bench blasting applications! In this short 3 minute video by Anthony Konya, we will learn how to calculate burdens in both imperial and metric units. We introduce two equations which are shown below:

Burden In Imperial Units

Burden(feet) = [(2 x Explosive Density/Rock Density)+1.5] x Explosive Diameter (inches)

Burden in Metric Units

Burden(meters) = 0.012 x [(2 x Explosive Density/Rock Density)+1.5] x Explosive Diameter (mm)


Burden is a very important and critical dimension when designing a blast. A burden is the distance from the face to the blast hole at the time the hole is fired. It is important to take true burdens into account when blasting! Depending on the timing of the shot fired, a hole might have a burden value much lower, or much greater than the designed burden. This can lead to increased fly rock, increased ground vibration, increased air overpressure, severe back break, and many other problems!

The formula shown above is a good calculation to run to determine a burden for your first test shot, with small increments made as your blasting continues. Do you want to learn about factors such as geological and depositional that could lead to an increase or decrease in your burden size? Check out some of our great online and in class courses that will show you a step by step procedure for determining a burden.

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Proper Burden for Blasting

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