blasting fragmentation and how blasting effects loading and hauling

Downstream Impacts of Drilling and Blasting

Impacts of Drilling and Blasting Drilling and Blasting is a complex process, that in many situations is not given the full emphasis it deserves in process development and controlling the costs throughout the mine. For example, the blasting process dictates muckpile configuration which effects shovel and loader fill factors. The fill factor of the shovel […]

Blast Burden and Ground Vibration

How does you blasting burden influence your ground vibration? The burden of a blast is defined as the nearest relief to the borehole at the time that it fires. This can be either through a free face that the borehole was drilled near or a newly created face that was made from previous blastholes firing. […]

Proper Burden for Blasting


Burden Calculations Burden Calculations Welcome to Academy Blasting’s video on burden calculations for bench blasting applications! In this short 3 minute video by Anthony Konya, we will learn how to calculate burdens in both imperial and metric units. We introduce two equations which are shown below: Burden In Imperial Units Burden(feet) = [(2 x Explosive […]