blasting fragmentation and how blasting effects loading and hauling

Downstream Impacts of Drilling and Blasting

Impacts of Drilling and Blasting Drilling and Blasting is a complex process, that in many situations is not given the full emphasis it deserves in process development and controlling the costs throughout the mine. For example, the blasting process dictates muckpile configuration which effects shovel and loader fill factors. The fill factor of the shovel […]

Stemming Charges to Break Boulders

Using Stemming Charges to Break Cap Rock

Stemming is widely used to ensure loaded boreholes achieve optimum blast results, but can this stemming be creating boulders in your blast? The utilization of stemming is now commonplace in mine and construction blasting projects as it leads to large decreases in air overpressure and ground vibration and increases to fragmentation and muckpile control. Oftentimes […]

Blast Stemming Blow Out Reduces Efficiency

Improving Explosive Efficiency with Proper Stemming

The use of proper stemming for decreasing noise and increasing fragmentation in blasting.   Stemming is a material that is poured into a borehole after the explosive has been loaded in order to confine gas pressure. Many blasters acknowledge that stemming can reduce air overpressure, often cutting it over 98% compared to an unstemmed borehole. […]

Stemming for blast holes


Stemming Calculations Stemming In this video Anthony Konya of explains stemming and stemming calculations. Stemming is a material that is put inside of a blast hole to help prevent gases from escaping. While stemming is typically put in the top of a blast hole, it can also be used to help bridge mud seams […]