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    Anthony Konya

    Welcome Everyone!

    This is the forum for the course: 30 Minutes To Better Blasting

    We encourage everyone to post their questions and comments here, and help other students by answering their questions. The staff will also help out and answer questions when needed.
    We also would like to ask that everyone stick to the proper rules and etiquette of the forum. These are:

    1. Please be kind and courteous.

    This is a place for everyone to come to and ask questions and discuss ideas in a civil manner. We ask that everyone be kind and courteous, and remember if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.

    2. Posts must promote discussion and relate to the content

    We encourage everyone to post questions and topics that will lead to discussion among peers. When doing this please provide all information possible in order to help the staff and other students understand exactly what you are asking/saying. Please limit post to off-site content, and when referring to something leave a summary of what that link leads to. Any links that contain spam will lead to immediate ban of account and no refund of any products.

    3. Please do not self-promote

    This forum is to help students enrolled in the course, not to promote your company or products. If it is relevant to the discussion you can post it, but do not be offended if a moderator takes it down.

    With these rules in mind I hope everyone find the forums useful. Look into different discussion being held and give some input, the best way to learn is by asking and answering questions!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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