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Stiffness Ratio

Stiffness Ratio

In this short video, Anthony Konya will explain what stiffness ratio is and how to calculate stiffness ratios. Stiffness Ratio was first developed by Dr. Calvin Konya as a means to classify benches. As time went on Dr. Konya discovered a unique relationship, that benches were not only dependent on the height of the bench, but also the burden used. This is when the term ‘stiffness ratio’ came to be. These benches were then categorize into two sets: high and low benches. A low bench was a bench that had a stiffness ratio of under 4, and a high bench had a stiffness ratio of 4 or greater. A big misconception in the industry today is that you cannot blast with a stiffness ratio greater than 4, and is completely false! Blasting with a ratio of 15 is fine, it just will not produce better results than blasting with a ratio of 4. The calculation for stiffness ratio is shown below:

Stiffness Ratio = Bench Length / Burden

Stiffness Ratio was then linked to many different events that occurred in blasting. Based on the stiffness ratio we can estimate how the muck pile will look, how severe the vibration will be, how much over break their will be, and much more. Stiffness ratio is also a major factor when calculating spacing for bench blasting applications.

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