Underwater Blasting from a Barge

Underwater Blasting Seminar

The Academy of Blasting and Explosive Technology is now taking registration for the new Underwater BlastingSeminar which will be held in Montville, Ohio from March 19 to March 21.
This seminar will cover not only how underwater blasting works, but will teach you the techniques and methods to design your own underwater blasts. In addition participants can expect:
  • To learn how to safely and efficiently drill off a barge underwater
  • How to safely and efficiently load explosives underwater
  • How to coordinate between different groups to ensure site safety and efficiency
  • How to design underwater blasts and time underwater blasts to mitigate hazard in an economic manner
  • How to easily retrieve and set up lead-in lines for underwater blasting to minimize cut-offs
  • How explosives cause environmental harm underwater including explosive impulse
  • How we plan and mitigate marine life problems
  • How to set-up air curtains to mitigate environmental hazards
  • And Much More
Do you want more information on this exclusive course that is only offered once every few years? Email Anthony@idc-pbs.com as courses fill up quickly and attendees are registered on a first come basis. Interested in our other classroom course offerings? Find our 2018 Schedule here.

Dr. Calvin J. Konya

The instructor for this course will be Dr. Calvin J. Konya, Professor. Dr. Konya has worked on dozens of large scale underwater projects including the Kentucky Locks, Miami Harbor, the Panama Canal, and numerous channel deepening projects.
Dr. Konya has developed his own methods and techniques for ensuring efficient and cost effective underwater blasting while ensuring good fragmentation, diggability, and final outcome.

Course Syllabus – Underwater Blasting

  1. Introduction to Underwater Blasting
  2. Regulatory Agencies that influence Underwater Blasting
  3. Underwater Blast Vibrations
  4. Underwater Vibration Instrumentation
  5. Vibration Records and Interpretation
  6. Factors Effecting Vibration
  7. Underwater Impulse
  8. Detonation Underwater
  9. Underwater BlastingProcess
  10. Underwater Explosive Selection
  11. Underwater Initiation Systems
  12. Underwater Blast Design
  13. Marine Life Consideration
  14. Marine Life Blasting Safety Zones
  15. Underwater Air Curtains (Vibration Mitigation)
  16. Underwater Barge Selection